Hoverboard FAQs

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that we took every precaution possible to ensure that it is near impossible for any issues to ever arise with any of our Mega Motion hoverboards. Our hoverboards are constructed using the best electric and mechanical engineers, data scientists, and technologists in the world with decades of industry experience. We are not putting together plastic junk from China that many competitors have setteled for. We are 100% constructed, engineered, designed and manufactured right here at home in Nürnberg, Germany. Yes this means it's more expensive for us to produce our products, but there you can't put a price on quality. 

We're 100% designed, manufactured and based in Nürnberg, Germany! 

Address: Lichtenfelser Str.14 , Nürnberg , HH,90427 , Germany.

Well that depends, what kind of rider are you? 

Advanced All-Terrain Series 

"I like to off-road, I need a hoverboard that can tear through snow, mud and dirt. I don't care too much for flashy details, I just want a hoverboard that is as adventerous as me." If this sounds like you then the MME3X or MME31 is for you. 

Intermediate LED Lights Series 

"I want a hoverboard with a futuristic design, I want to cruise through the night with bright lights and vibrant colors. Performance and style are equally important to me." 

If this sounds like you then the MME9L or MMQ2 is for you. 

Beginner Starter Series 

"My daughter is just starting out, I just something for her to roll around on during weekends. I just want something safe, fun and exciting. Something flashy would be cool too." 

Hoverboards have a learning curve just like anything in life. Although our hoverboards are completely safe we always recommend to fully accompany all minors when riding as any good parent/guardian would for all children under the age of 13.

Follow the instruction in the manual included and download the APP. After that it's as simple as following the instructions to connect your specific hoverboard and you should be good to go. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to hit contact us in the menu above.


We ship to most to almost all countries in Europe. A full list of the countries where we ship to is available on the Payment Page. You can click on the Country drop-down window to check the list.

Shipping is FREE worldwide.

3-7 on average through out europe.


Yes you can. 

The process is that first you contact us to confirm that we should be expecting your return. Once we confirm that we received your hoverboard and confirm that it is not damaged or used we would ship you your requested series. 

All shipping costs would have to be covered by the customer.

The short answer is 14 days, no questions asked. The long answer can be found here.

Mega Motion employs a no questions asked warranty policy. 

All our products have a warranty of 12 months applicable from the date of receipt of the order or provision of it in point of withdrawal. For more details about our warranty please go here.