Who Are We

We're Mega Motion, we are a brand committed to producing the most technologically advanced, high-performance and exciting hover boards possible. We design performance hover boards using industry leading technology with our team of tech geeks and hover board enthusiasts. We want to turn hover boards from a vanity item to a viable mode of transportation and entertainment for all. Our hover boards combine technical prowess with aesthetic design to bring you Mega Motion.

Why We Do It

Hoverboards somewhere along it's way has become a vanity item, a cheap piece of tech that you use for a few days and toss to the back of your shed after you are board with. We have all heard the horror stories of hoverboard's catching on fire, cheap plastics and terrible functionality. 

Mega Motion is not this, and all hoverboards are not made equal

We are a technology company before anything else, we have years of industry experience, expertise and technical prowess to design the best possible hoverboards possible, so why not?

Our team

To design such technically advanced hoverboards we have brought together a team of industry professionals to assist in all aspect of Mega Motions designs. From engineers and product designers, to tech specialists and safety specialists, there is nothing we leave out of the design process. 

At Mega Motion we want to take hoverboards to the next level, our philosophy can be encompassed by 3 words, technology, design and safety.